John Berger on Youtube

Dear all,

Welcome to our class blog! During class this week, we’ll discuss further how you are  use the blog based on the brief descriptions of the blog assignments on the syllabus.

For now, here’s a mini-participation assignment to prepare for Thursday. Go to Youtube and look up John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing.” You’ll find several videos and for our class you need to watch Episode Three: The Female Nude, and write up on an index card to turn in on Thursday in class (1) insights about gender and seeing that you learned from the video (2) one challenge or query for us to discuss related to the video.

Berger’s  book, Ways of Seeing was a significant paradigm shifter in prompting people to think about the relation between gender position and how and what we see: seeing differently in terms of gender. From our perspective in 2012, the 1970s clothing and setting may seem a little entertaining, but the insights are as relevant as ever.

Liz Constable

See you in class today,

Liz Constable

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One Response to John Berger on Youtube

  1. xxxjo says:

    Just to let everyone know.
    I think “the female Nude” is episode two.

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